The Parenting Training Network (PTN), founded in June of 2002, by Ms. Cynthia G. Shields and has been operating full- time since June 2008. Ms. Shields has worked in the field of parent education and substance abuse for the last 25-years. The PTN offers the following services to parents and community providers. Hire PTN to teach onsite agency workshops, agency collaborations for grant funding, and  provide parenting classes to parents who are in need of services within their communities.      
PTN is a trusted NYC MWBE certified partner and a proud resource for many public and private sector organizations throughout New York City. We serviced clients from all five boroughs and beyond. Our parent success rate of attending and approval of our classes by our parents and referring agencies are 99%.      
PTN provides specialized trainings and classes  focusing on: 
  1. Behavior Management 
  2. Discipline 
  3. Anger management
  4. Domestic Violence / Batterers intervention
  5. Children with Special Needs
  6. Co-Parenting 
  7. Emotional abuse 

  At PTN we provide parents with a safe, interactive, and nurturing class (s) experience.  and alternatives to abusive parenting practices.
To provide quality parent  educational classes and trainings, 
Assist families and community organizations to keep and reunite families together 
Prevent and end emotional and abusive parenting practices.   
Our goal is to help families stay together and solidify their CORE family structure and values while preventing children removal and child and emotional abusive practices in the home. 

  • Every child has the right to be raised by good parenting standards.
  • Each child has a right to feel safe, loved, and nurtured in the home.
  • Every parent is the expert of his/her own child.
  • Every parent wants the best and to raise healthy families within their own communities.
  • Every family carries a richness of diversity and culture.
  • All families have strengths and values to be respected
  • All community leaders has the shared responsibility to be positive role models to all children and assist families in healthy parenting practices.
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