PTN Parents' Day Celebration 
We'd like to thank all the parents that joined us for a day of celebrating parenthood.
One thing that shocked me was how few parents knew about National Parents' Day and were hearing about it for the first time from our agency.
Join our discussion and post a comment to one of the following questions.
Have you ever heard of National Parents' Day?  What does that say about us as a society? If you could nominate parents for awards who would you nominate? 
PTN's Recent Graduates
PTN provides specialized trainings and workshops focusing on the seven problematic areas in the community.  We provide parents with a safe, interactive, and nurturing experience. 
Upon completion of each of our programs parents will receive a certificate.  We track and report the progress and accomplishments of our graduates to ensure the effectiveness of all our programs. Visit the PTN Photo Gallery.
Sponsored By
 The Parenting Training Network (PTN) appreciates the generosity of our sponsors to support the community and the needs of the low-income families in our programs.  These donations assures the safety and security of children and families in years to come. Visit the PTN Photo Gallery.
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