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How do I tell my child that someone has died?
How to throw a successful birthday party for a young child?
The Gift of Discipline


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How do I tell my child that someone has died?

Welcome back to our blog!  I decided to talk about this topic when I was doing a parenting workshop and a parent stated she was never told her father died. The parent went on to say that she would wait for her father to come home every night but he never came. I can't imagine what that must of been like for that child  not to be told that her father passed away and that he wasn't never coming back. The parent stated that she still struggles with those memories even today.

How to throw a successful birthday party for a young child?

I was just thinking about the birthday parties I grew up with in the 60"s where I went around the neighborhood and gave out invitations to my party. I got all dressed up in my birthday party dress and my friends attended and brought me a gift.

We danced to the Kool jerk and had pigs in a blanket while we sat on the davenport. (aka) couch.

Children's parties are something a child never forgets here is some tips on how to make your child's next parties memorable. Young children's function best in small groups.


Happy New Year Everyone
Well it the last day of the New Year and we are thinking about what we can do to get the word out about postive parenting. One of the things that came to my mind was High school programs we had back in the day.
How many of you parents remember taking Home Economics, Wood shop, Automotive classes and clerical skills?
I was thinking that aLIFE SKILLSprogram for pre-teens and Teens would  be benefincal to the schools.
Teaching children aboutmoney management

The Gift of Discipline

This season give the gift that will keep on giving.Peace of mindthat is. This is the time of the year were parents are busy picking up the latest toys. Ever thought about giving the gift of discipline.
All year we meet hard working  parents in our workshops who are mandated to takeparenting/ Anger managementclasses, because they lost their cool and hit their children.
The parents are sometimes locked up over night and have to have an agency mointer their homes .


It's been exactly a year since I lost my son to senseless violence. In this year I learn and went through all of the five stages of grief. moved from a place I lived for thirty years, and went back to work and handled myself  so well that people were asking me how did I do it.   
I have been through death before losing my mom and most of the elders in my family but the lost of a child is a death that never ever goes away. While the memories of your love ones stay with you they managed to get accepted and you move on with your life.


While walking home one night I ran across a group of children from the ages 16- 10 and notice the ten year old hitting one of the children who was older in the group with his belt and crusing
at him. Clearly I could see that the older child was trying to restrain his self because he was
much older than the little bully  who was disrespecting him and kept telling him to stop!   
Is there such a thing as adisrespectful childor is it something that was taught by the parents?


The news is busy this week with all kinds of articles on parents the one that caught my
attention was the husband and wife team who apparently had their son kneel on a bathroom floor for nine hours and was given a liquid diet for misbehaving in school.
My classes are full each week with parents who are at their wits end with what to do when it comes to disciplining their child. Some do what their parents did, some come up with something crazy, and some does nothing at all for the most part we at the parenting training network want to believe that the parents are good parents, but just need some good advice so here goes.


I recently was watching ABC news who stated that there's a new U-tube video's going viral
which  is called the Cinnamon Challenge. The video shows what you would think to be grown ups and college students taking a scoop of cinnamon and then choking because the cinnamon
makes them gag and cough. One young lady had to be rushed to the emergency room and
almost died.
The doctor who was on the show had a small bowl of water and put a spoonful of cinnamon in it
and showed how the cinnamon didn't disolve and how the same thing happen to our lungs.

Back to School Again - Book Recommendations

  Need More Research...

    1- Sea Monster's first day
    2- The Night before kindergarten
    3- Kindegarten Rocks!
    4- Look out kindergarten here I come!
    5- Pre-school Day Hooray


Five Things Every Parent Should Do Before Your Preschooler Starts School

Do you have a preschooler about to start school for the first time this year? Here are some tips every parent should think about.
There are a lot of books out there that will help you and your child understand the first day of school and help to relieve any first day anxiety.
It's never too late to remind your child of good behavior practices such as sharing, saying thank you, no biting, and telling the teacher if someone is bothering them.
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