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How do I tell my child that someone has died?

Posted on June 1, 2017 at 12:45 AM

Welcome back to our blog! I decided to talk about this topic when I was doing a parenting workshop and a parent stated she was never told her father died. The parent went on to say that she would wait for her father to come home every night but he never came. I can't imagine what that must of been like for that child not to be told that her father passed away and that he wasn't never coming back. The parent stated that she still struggles with those memories even today. Although it's hard for parents to tell children that someone passed away it is necessary and it's how you do it that counts. The most important rule of thumb is to be HONEST. Never tell your child that their love one is sleeping or they will expect him or her to wake up and never tell your child that their loved one is " taking a trip or journey" because they will await a return. Unless you are honest and open, there is most likely going to be a delay between your child learning about death and the onset of the grieving process. I know for me my mom told us when someone passed away and gave me a option to attend the services or not. How were you told about death in the family? Looking forward to your reply's.

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