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A Message From the President/CEO

Cynthia shields

Cynthia Shields


Cynthia Shields, the founder and CEO of The Parenting Training Network (PTN) located  in the Newark , NJ. 07104.

“Welcome to the Parenting Training Network! For thirteen years PTN has been providing parenting skills and services to parents.  PTN is now an Online based program which focus on the individual needs of the families, agencies, schools. and programs we serve.

Our vision is to assist families in finding the right parenting practices to meet their family needs. To offer a safe space to talk about parenting challenges and family issues. i.e. Anger management  Domestic violence, parenting children with Special needs, Batterers Accountability and refer parents to proper Mental Health services.  We look forward to meeting you!

About Us

 PTN has been in operations since June 2008.  PTN offers customized services to parents and community providers. Hire us to teach on-site agency workshops, facilitate collaborations for grant funding, and provide parenting classes to parents who are in need of services within their communities. We have worked with the premier social service agencies, community programs and charter schools. We look forward to working with our parents,  your agency, organization and schools. Give us a call you will be glad you did!

 A trusted NYC MWBE-certified partner and a proud resource for many public and private sector organizations throughout New York City. We service clients from any where in the US.  Our classes are now Online and  is provided by one on one instruction or group depending on your needs. Just contact us and our friendly program coordinator will assistance you with your customized intake to meet your family needs. All classes are court and  ACS approved. Certificates are awarded upon completion and full payment of services.

Our Services

PTN provides specialized Online  customized classes focusing on:

Child Development,  Reunification , Child Abuse. Anger management, Substance abuse, Domestic Violence, Parenting guidance skills, Parenting children with Special needs, Co-parenting and Parenting children, ADHD & Autism. Parent Coaching, and Mental Health referrals. 

At PTN, we provide parents with a safe, interactive, and nurturing class experience and alternatives to abusive parenting practices. Our job is to treat the whole family.

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Meet Our Team

Tamyra Robinson

Director of training

Shaniqua Bowden

Parenting Facilitator

Craig Benton

Parent Educator / Facilitator

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The Parenting Training Network


Newark NJ 07104



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