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The Parenting Training Network (PTN)  located now Online offers parents individual one on one or group sessions. Each session is customized to the intake needs of the parent and all classes are an hour to three hours depending on the individual or class choice provided. All sessions focus on either child development, special needs, anger management, batterer's and domestic violence. Sessions are available from one to six sessions and parents receive a certificate upon completion and full payment of classes. 

All curriculums are evidence-based, duly approved, and compliant with current parenting education standards. Our parent educators are thoroughly trained in each offered classes. Aside from this, our classes are offered in one, three, and six sessions depending on the classes needed at the time of intake. i.e.   Anger management or Parenting children with special needs.

Fathering in 15

This class covers three sessions

  • Why children need fathers in their lives

  • What behaviors to expect

  • How to meet your child’s physical needs

  • How to build your child’s self-esteem

  • Ways to encourage your child’s love of learning

  • Tips for discipline, budgeting, and working with your partner

parenting workshops

Parents will receive a certificate and a letter describing the class upon completion.

Anger Management for Parents

This class covers three sessions

  • What causes anger

  • How anger can lead to abuse

  • Warning signs of anger

  • Healthy ways to express anger

  • Positive outlets for anger

  • How to teach your child anger management skills

  • Parent resources for help

Parents will receive a certificate and a letter describing the class upon completion.

Discipline skills for all ages

This class covers one to six sessions

  • Emotional Abuse

  • Discipline vs. punishment

  • Understanding Childhood Experiences

  • Behavior management approaches

  • Problem solving

  • Communication

Parents will receive a certificate and a letter describing the class upon completion.

Parenting Children With Special Needs-   ADHD,  Autism, &  Learning Disabilities

These classes covers three sessions per topic of choice.

  • What are special needs

  • How to work with your child’s school and physicians

  • The importance of having your child in a routine

  • Understanding the individualized education plan

  • Individualized Education Program (IEP)

  • Stress management for parents and child

  • Resources

Parents will receive a certificate and a letter describing the class upon completion.

Guiding your Child Through Adolescence 

This class covers three sessions

  • Your changing role as a parent

  • Common challenges of adolescence

  • Basic ways to respond to your child's needs

  • Problem solving  

  • Your relationship with your child

  • Communicating with your child

  • Your own adolescence and emotional changes

Parents will receive a certificate and a letter describing the class upon completion.

New!  Teach Them Yesterday ( Birth- Two Years)  

This six session classe​s focus on how to start  teaching your child from birth to three years using the Teach them yesterday model.

  • Pre Birth

  • Baby's Educational Planning

  • Procedural vs, Conceptual learning 

  • Video #1- Watch the learning taking place

  • Video # 2  Watch the learning taking place

  • Questions & Answers with Coach Toni

Parents will receive a certificate and a letter describing the class upon completion, pre-testing, and post-testing.

(NEW!) H​ow Substance Abuse Affects Parenting Skills

Explore the following in 3-6 sessions

  • Child Development

  • Alcohol & other Drugs

  • How it affects a parent

  • Keeping your child safe

  • Substance Abuse & Maltreatment

  • Substance Abuse & Pregnancy

  • The Children's Experiences long & short term

  • Substance Abuse vs. Non Abuse Parenting 

Parents will receive a certificate and a letter describing the class upon completion.

Workshop Reminders

All classes include workbooks, video discussions, and role playing as part of our interactive learning experience.


All parents must pre-register by choosing the class/es they want to attend and pay with a $25.00 non-refundable registration fee to reserve their seat in the class to be considered registered. All registration fee's and class balances can be paid by:: Zelle, Cash App or money order.

Please make money orders payable to:

The Parenting Training Network



Please refer to our class schedule to see our upcoming workshops. For more information about our pricing, contact us today Register now!


No Waiting Lists

PTN has open registration all year long and classes are provided on Week days, Evenings and some Weekends for the parent’s convenience.  

One- Two-, Three-, and Six-Session Classes

We provide parents with the same amount of curriculum that a traditional six-week class would but in less time! It covers all sensitive topics for court mandates (i.e., discipline vs. punishment, behavior management, safety, stages of development, and the role of a parent). All our workshops are fun, interactive, and lead by qualified parent educators with more than 15 years of parent education experience.

Six-Week Classes

We provide parent-sensitive classes such as domestic violence or batterers accountability for parents who are in need of a longer cycle per courts. Classes are held for three to six weeks on scheduled Saturdays from 10:00 AM – 3:00 PM.

Individual Sessions

PTN can provide parents with individual sessions at their home/ office online. For more information and fees, please contact us

Parent Assessments

Our organization offers individual parent assessments for court-mandated parents via written letter. Please contact us for specific pricing details.


For your convenience, all classes are held ONLINE. materials are emailed to the parents once registration fee is received and dates are confirmed for classes.


All classes are held on Monday's -  Friday's  10:00 Am- 6:00pm

Saturdays at 10:00 AM – 3:00 PM.  (Call  for class schedule)


PTN does not provide child care; however, since our classes are held in local libraries, children ages 7 and up can use the children center during the time the parent is in class. Computers and reading activities are available. We are not responsible for the children while the classes are ongoing. Parents assume all responsibility while their children are in the library.

Certificates and Confirmation Letters

We provide attendance confirmation letters and certificates of completion once you completed your class/es and made the full payment. Please contact us for additional costs of documentations.

NYC Minority-Certified Business 

We are an proud Certified Women Minority owned business and registered on the 311 directory.  


Our prices are competitive and we accept Cash, App, Money orders, Zelle and  major credit cards for payments.


Customized Workshops

PTN can customize any workshop you need to fit your agency’s particular needs (i.e., parenting in recovery, parenting for dads, etc.).

Walk-In Referrals Welcome  N/A

For your convenience, you can send all your clients directly to us. There is no need to register before class. Just call our 24-hour number and verify that the class you need is scheduled. Afterward, send your client directly to the class. 

Parent Assessments

You can schedule clients for individual parent or child assessments. A certified MSW report will be sent to you via fax or mail for an additional cost.

Individual Parent Counseling

You can schedule a parent or couple to attend private parent counseling sessions with our office at a time and location that is most convenient for your parent.-   (Online Only)

Attendance Verification/Certificates

Your agency can get a copy of our parent certificate or attendance verification letter for a small fee.

PTN Success Rate

 All parents who attend our classes have not only completed them but have taken additional classes with our agency (i.e., anger management, parenting children with special needs,  PTN parents  have  credited the agency services for children being  returned home and parents reuniting with their families.

Certified Parent Instructors

We hire qualified CMSW and parent educators to facilitate our workshops. Bilingual instructors can be requested for additional fees. All mental health assessments are referred to Emotional wealth services. For more information please contact us.

Quality Certified Materials

We use certified parenting programs approved by the National Registry of Evidence-based programs and practices. 

Competitive Fees

PTN is a fee-for-service agency. All fees are competitive and based on sliding scale and current market pricing per parent.

NYC Minority-Certified Business

We have been a proud NYC Minority-certified business since 2010.

Our Referring Agencies (Past and Present): 

New York Foundling Agency

  • Bronx Works
  • Salvation Army of New York City
  • Big Brothers and Big Sisters of New York City
  • Big Brothers and Big Sisters of East New York
  • New York City Board of Education
  • Leake & Watts Agency
  • Good Shepherd services
    • Addicts Rehabilitation Center (ARC)

    • Bronx Defenders

    • Friends 2 Fathers, Inc.

    • Mercy Center

    • Administration for Children’s Services (ACS) – Bronx and Manhattan

    • Children’s Aid Society

    • PTN Parents

    Get in touch!


    Parent  Training Network

    Newark  N.J.  07104



    (347) 210-0823

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