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The Gift of Discipline

Posted on June 1, 2017 at 1:15 AM

This season give the gift that will keep on giving. Peace of mind that is. This is the time of the year were parents are busy picking up the latest toys. Ever thought about giving the gift of discipline.

All year we meet hard working parents in our workshops who are mandated to take parenting/ Anger management classes, because they lost their cool and hit their children.

The parents are sometimes locked up over night and have to have an agency mointer their homes . Parents tell us they give there children everything. TV's,Cell phones, latest sneakers, electronics you name it they want for nothing.

One of the things that we tell our parents in our workshops is if children just receive things but don't have to earn them, that's when you get kids who don't appreciate anything and expect everything. Think about it were you given everything or did you have to earn it?

I remember that if my report card wasn't good than I could kiss Christmas goodbye. Are you one of those parents that give and your child takes? Never fear it's not to late to correct this behavior here's some places to start with.

Please let me know what you think. My favorites is the better behaviorwheel and accountable kids Programs, Each program can be customized to fit your children's behaviors and they love being good. The other sites I thought were good for helping your child with school work. If they are going to use the computer you should benefit from it. Don't you think? For more information on behavior mgmt. and anger mgmt. check out our website and click on programs.

This holiday season give the gift of learning and discipline.

1- www. time 4

2- www. learning games for

3- www. great schools .org

4- www. better behavior - (discipline)



Hope this article is useful and feel free to attend one of our workshops visit our website for more info at


C. Shields,

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